Monday, September 22, 2008

Sooo Exciting! Spooooky! Part 2

So previously I noted that the Spooky Spider Decor Element was available for purchase, and now I have examples of what you can do with it! :D I apologize in advance for some of the quality of the pictures. They are very reflective, and difficult to capture.

I went to Target and found this bowl:

It says that it is a "soup bowl" but I don't know who uses bowls with lids for soup...? I don't, anyway. But I do think it is a perfect candy dish. Now candy dishes, they have lids...anyway: I spotted these bowls with lids, and thought "man that would look way cute with a spider on it!" I measured and it appeared that the Small spider would fit. And lo and behold it did! :D

Up close, I kind of messed up on the spiders legs, next time I will make slits so that I can put the legs on easier, it is difficult when the surface is so curved.

I also found a jar that looked about the right size for the Medium spider:

I didn't get a long enough surface, with either the pumpkin nor the clear glass jar, to keep the letters right above the spider. Instead I cut out the spider, put him on, and then cut out each letter, and put them on. I kind of like it this way better anyway. (for an example see previous post, and click on the flyer.)

If you are interested in the pumpkin, I bought 3 today, and will sell them to anyone who asks. However, I will not ship them for fear of breakage, unless paid to do so.

I will also put on the spider Decor Element on for you if desired, but will have to charge for this as well. :D

OH! And I want to add some ribbon to the glass jar, and perhaps a tag, but that will have to wait until the next shipment arrives at my door! :D

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